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FSB Agent Yermak, A Russian-Ukrainian National To Meet Jake Sullivan In Washington DC On Nov 13th 2023

KYIV – Andrii Yermak arrived in Washington DC on November 13th 2023 to meet Jack Sullivan, the National Security Advisor of the United States.

Mr. Yermak was notified about this in the YouTube account associated with the Office of the President of Ukraine on Nov 13th, 2023. The same announcement was made on his personal Telegram account. It’s planned that Mr. Yermak will have meetings in the White House, Congress, analytical think tanks, and with representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Let’s review who is Mr. Yermak. He is a former Lawyer and the Head of the Small Kiosk Association of businesses in Ukraine. For many years prior to finding a job as a secretarial aide with Mr. Zelensky Yermak helped to administer money laundering and licensing/permits for several presidents and commercial bankers in Ukraine, namely, his work helped to move money for President Yanukovich, President Poroshenko and now President Zelensky. His skills are in demand as you can see. He is also known in Ukraine and Russia as a film and TV series producer in Ukraine and Russia. The money for film making were sourced from the State of Ukraine budget. Needless to say, the films were flops from both commercial and creative perspectives.

Currently Mr. Yermak is a secretarial aide of President Zelensky. Yermak holds the position of the Head of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, but he is not an employee of the Government of Ukraine. He is an advisor, an outsourced advisor. Thus, he is not in a position to represent the country in any of the official meetings. 

According to the sources and the publicly available information Mr. Yermak is a relative of an HRU agent in Russia. Mr. Yermak worked as an Advisor for Ruslan Tadeev.

In the last 2 years prior to and since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Mr. Yermak has worked as an “not-on-payroll” (as an outsourced) position as a Head of the Secretariat of the Office of the President of Ukraine. Being in this position, he established informal policies and implemented total control of the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine, the Tax office, the Central Bank of Ukraine (NBU), and the Office of the President. The puppet party “The Servant of the People” is under the control of Mr. Yermak. Yermak is a local dictator in Ukraine ruling the government of Ukraine behind the political figure of Mr. Zelenskiy.

The current status of the government in Ukraine is unconstitutional and illegitimate. Mr. Yermak and Mr. Zelenskiy decided not to allow the parliamentary elections that were scheduled on October 2023. Thus, the Parliament of Ukraine is not legitimate starting from October 26th. The presidential elections were scheduled on March of 2024. However, last week President Zelenskiy declared, quoting: “There will be no elections until I am a president”. Of course, we can blame the choice of words and translation. The context is that Zelenskiy meant: “no elections during the military status”. In order not to allow the elections, President Zelenskiy signed an order to prolong the military status in Ukraine, and, the Parliament of Ukraine (which is illegitimate) voted to prolong the military status for another 3 months. 

Worth noting and understanding is the War has not been declared by either country (Ukraine or Russia). Ukraine has not declared war, thus, the military status that has been dragged by President Zelenskiy is illegitimate and unconstitutional. The decree to declare and announce the war was banned in the Parliament of Ukraine and not confirmed by the Parliament of Ukraine.

Why is an illegitimate non-government official, an aide for money laundering, and an FSB agent planning to meet Mr. Sullivan at the White House?

Let’s review the information. According to multiple sources, Mr. Yermak is confirmed as an FSB agent who is deeply conspired with Mr. Zelenskiy under the nickname “trump”. We would like to note, that the nicknames FSB gives to their agents traditionally describe a rank or a level or a character of the agent. This nickname has nothing to do with the President of the USA. It’s preposterous to realize that many people in Ukraine realize who Yermak is. Check the comments under the news. The comments made by people describe the rage of people who understand who he is and why he is flying to Washington D.C. to negotiate.

Just 4 days ago Mr. Yermak had very “productive meetings” in Kyiv when Alex Soros came to Kyiv. Is the meeting in Washington DC with Jake Sullivan scheduled and organized by Mr. Soros? The travel plans for Mr. Yermak to fly to Washington were not announced until 2 days ago. We believe, that prior to meetings with Alex Soros, Mr. Yermak was not accepted for any meetings in Washington D.C.

In addition to meetings with Alex Soros, Mr. Yermak is a part of the so-called “Yermak-McFaul Committee”. This is preposterous to believe that Mr. McFaul doesn’t know who Mr. Yermak is.

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