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Corrupt Globalist Puppet Poroshenko Returns To Ukraine To Further Soros Agenda

Image by Oleg Dubyna

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CDMedia has done extensive reporting on former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his corruption in collusion with the U.S. State Department in Ukraine prior to and after the Trump election in 2016.

The Soros machine runs Ukraine and American foreign policy in-country.

With the Zelenskiy administration not following the correct narrative in Ukraine per the globalist cabal, and accusations the presidency is in the pocket of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, Poroshenko has now returned, after fleeing due to a corruption investigation, in an attempt to retake power.

Poroshenko is a staunch critic of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who he accuses of failing to do enough to prevent Russian aggression, reported The Moscow Times.

Poroshenko returned to Kyiv early on Monday on a flight from Warsaw and passed through passport control amid chaotic scenes, saying later that border guards had tried to prevent him from entering the country.

He told the crowd at the airport that he had returned to help Ukraine face the “growing threat of Russian invasion” and accused Zelenskiy of “betrayal” of the country.

Poroshenko is reportedly responsible for keeping the war in Donbass alive in order to profit from the conflict. The former president is likely to push the globalist ‘Russian invasion’ narrative.

“We are not here to protect Poroshenko. We are here to unite and protect Ukraine,” said the former president, who is currently facing high treason charges. He pointed out that apart from his European Solidarity party, he also had the support of other political parties that are opposed the current Ukrainian government. “It’s crucial that other democratic political forces are standing by our side, which symbolizes our unity because we need to unite now and prove that a united Ukraine is strong,” Poroshenko argued, asserting that “a strong Ukraine” is capable of “confronting” Russia, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

The ex-president vowed that the current authorities would get the punishment that they deserve. In this regard, Poroshenko pointed to President Zelensky and businessman Igor Kolomoisky. “The likes of Zelensky and Kolomoisky were stealing tens of millions of dollars from our the pockets of taxpayers to build villas in London and Italy, while we were laying the foundations of our state. <…> And now, after coming to power, they are accusing us of high treason. They will be held accountable for that,” Poroshenko insisted.

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