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Russia Moves To Mass Vaccination next Week In Fight Against Chinese Coronavirus

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The Russian Federation is moving to the mass vaccination stage in its fight against the Chinese coronavirus. Russia is still fighting a nasty second wave of infections across the country.

“We have already started large-scale vaccination. Last week, [Prime Minister] Mikhail [Mishustin] reported to me that the industry had not only kept up with the promised targets and volumes but also exceeded the planned vaccine production targets. We need to move from large-scale to mass vaccination,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told a cabinet meeting, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“I ask you to launch mass vaccination for the whole population starting next week and come up with the respective schedule of work, as is done with other infections like flu,” the president added.

He noted that the relevant infrastructure should be prepared for mass inoculation. “Thank God, our vaccine does not require any extreme or unusual transportation conditions like temperature of minus 50 or minus 70 [degrees Celsius – TASS]. It works in a much simpler and efficient way,” Putin explained.

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