Europol Arrests People Smugglers Exploiting Balkan Route

Europol Arrests People Smugglers Exploiting Balkan Route

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On Wednesday, Europol in cooperation with German Federal Police arrested an organized crime group smuggling illegal migrants from Turkey to Germany. 

According to the Europol report, the criminal network has allegedly smuggled about 80 migrants originating from the Middle East, mainly Egypt, Syria and Turkey.

The suspects used small trucks and vans to smuggle migrants through the so-called Balkan route, from Turkey to Germany via Czech Republic or Poland. 

Migrants paid between € 3,500 and € 12,000 per person, to be smuggled, in life-threatening conditions.

Albania has become a transit route for Syrian immigrants to EU countries. Despite the arrests and the increase of border control measures by the EU police, the trafficking of migrants continues.

In Albania police in Korca arrested five people for smuggling migrants from Albania to the EU, in exchange for money.

People arrested were caught at the “Bridge of Drithas” in Maliq, transporting 26 illegal migrants.

The detainees were part of a structured group for smuggling illegal migrants. Two of the members of this group were arrested a few days ago.

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