Trump May Attend Kosovo-Serbia Washington Meeting, Says Vucic

Trump May Attend Kosovo-Serbia Washington Meeting, Says Vucic

President Donald Trump may attend the White House meeting between Kosovo and Serbia, which was postponed to September 3rd or 4th, according to Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic.

Speaking to Prva TV in Serbia on Saturday, Vucic said he could not confirm Trump’s presence at the meeting but that it was highly likely if the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia will agree on something, REL/RFE reported.

Vucic said that the presence of the US President in the meeting between two small countries worries him, as Trump would only attend if it’s something very important.

On August 14th, Richard Grenell, President Trump’s envoy for Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue, announced a bilateral meeting at the White House to be hosted by him and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brian.

The Voice of America reported that the meeting would be postponed to September 4th.

Kosovo newspaper Gazeta Express said the reason for the postponement was Trump’s possible attendance.    

This is the second time the White House meeting is postponed, following that of June 27 which was cancelled after the publication of a war crime indictment against Kosovo’s president.

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