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Russia Threatens To Block Google If It Doesn’t Follow Internet Law And Block Websites

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Internet freedom rally in Moscow (2017-07-23)

The Russian Federation is threatening to block Google in-country if the tech giant does not block access to a Kremlin list of banned websites. Although pornography and sites considered harmful to children are included, the majority of the sites are political, and information the Kremlin doesn’t want ordinary Russians to see.

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Russia has already blocked the American site Linkedin for refusing to locate its servers in Russian territory, where the security services can acmess them if they desire.

Russian news agencies on Wednesday quoted deputy Communications Oversight Agency chief Vitaly Subbotin as saying that authorities may push for amendments that would let them block search engines like Google if they fail to comply with Russian law.

The news comes as Google is getting heat about potentially launching a search engine in China from US lawmakers, its employees and activist groups who have bemoaned the very same issue – that it would censor searchesreported the New York Post.

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