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Video: Russian Teacher Tells Student Putin Critic, ‘In The Past We Would Shoot You’

A Russian teacher responding to a student criticizing Russian President Putin in the Siberian village of Tayozhny, told the child that in the past we would just shoot you.

“Putin is a thief,” the student wrote on the blackboard on November 12.

In response the next day the teacher said, “Your grades have slipped, not to mention your behavior,” Kovalyova can be seen shouting in a surreptitiously recorded video posted on YouTube. Accusing the class of insulting “our president in the worst way,” she noted that such disobedience “would have been punished in the Soviet era with execution by firing squad”:

“What has he done for us, for Tayozhny?” a student named Alyona asks.

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“Alyona, you weren’t here yesterday. You don’t know,” Kovalyova responds.

“My advice to those who wrote this,” she adds, is to “write that phrase, seal it in an envelope, and send it off. Here’s the address: Moscow, Kremlin, presidential administration. They’ll quickly fly out here and deal with you. Putin has bodyguards!” reported RFERL.

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