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Baltics Leaders Doubt They Will Be Compensated For ‘Soviet Occupation’ Damage

Soviet soldiers in Polozk (Belarus), propaganda poster celebrating the reconquest of the city and urging the liberation of the Baltic from Nazi German occupation

As Brexit Approaches, Britain Shows The Flag In The Baltics

The leaders of the Baltic nations have declared publicly that they doubt their people will be compensated for ‘Soviet occupation’ damage.

Viktoras Pranckietis, speaker of the Lithuanian Seimas, said the Baltic countries “hit the wall” every time they tried to raise the issue of compensation for occupation damages.

“Perhaps we should set ourselves goals that we can achieve,” he told reporters, reported The Baltic Times.

Eiki Nestor, speaker of the Estonian Riigikogu, was also skeptical about further steps in this matter.

“I’m not so sure something very positive can happen on this issue,” he said.

Inara Murniece, speaker of the Latvia Saeima, said the Baltic nations should first agree among themselves on this issue, added The Baltic Times.

Putin Shouldn’t Feel Too Good About Russians in the Baltics

The Baltic countries have put together estimates which range in the billions of what Soviet occupation cost them over the decades.

Moscow is keen to attempt to pull these former Soviet republics back into Russia’s orbit. The NATO alliance is determined to not let that happen and has ramped up troop deployments in the region to signal the resolve of the alliance.

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