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Iranian Social Media Says Times Resemble Final Days Of Shah, Labor Minister Sacked

Ali Rabie, the labor minister of President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet

As the Iranian people struggle to survive, with many not even having potable water to drink or for sanitation, the frustration within the population is hitting the boiling point as American sanctions are reimposed, forcing punishing financial restrictions on Tehran, with more to soon follow.

Following an intense feud ongoing for the past few days among the regime’s factions, and even various members of the mullahs’ parliament starting brawls during their sessions, the Iranian regime’s parliament voted to sack Ali Rabie, the labor minister of President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet.
The regime’s parliament voted 129 in favor, 114 against and 3 abstentions in regards to Rabie’s sacking.

Iran is witnessing this intensifying dispute as protests spread across the country.

What Iranians Hope For, As First Wave Of US Sanctions Hit

“We have 8 million young people unemployed. They are members of the unemployed division who are now (protesting) in the streets,” said Iranian parliament member Qasem Jasemi today on the floor.

During the past few days, and even on Wednesday, the regime’s feuding factions are revealing how their rivals are involved in plundering the Iranian people of their wealth. This goes far beyond Rabie and corruption accusations are being raised against Masoud Pezeshkian (deputy parliament speaker). Reports indicate his children living abroad are living luxurious lives while posts of them driving very expensive cars are causing uproars inside Iran, according to PMOI/MEK sources within Iran.

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