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Poland Sees Real Chance Of Ugly Brexit, May Move To Protect Polish Citizens In UK

Image by Sebastian Ballard

Poland is preparing for an ugly Brexit, one possibly executed with no deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The implications for Polish workers in Britain are profound; Warsaw may have to move to protect Polish citizens.

Poland said on Tuesday that the risk of Britain dropping out of the European Union with no agreement on post-Brexit ties “cannot be ruled out” and it would spike if London and the bloc fail to agree details in October, reported Reuters.

“The European Council sitting … to be held in October, 2018, will be a key moment,” the Polish government said in a statement referring to a meeting of EU leaders planned in Brussels.

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“If there is no binding agreements, the risk of a fiasco of talks will rise significantly,” Warsaw said, adding it would then move to safeguard the interests of its entrepreneurs and citizens, of which there are about one million living in Britain. Social discontent with workers arriving in masses from the poorer eastern EU states like Poland in search for better-paid jobs in Britain played a big role in the 2016 Brexit referendum, wrote Reuters.

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