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Putin Responds To Negative Press Regarding Trump’s Behavior At Helsinki Summit, Cites Character Of POTUS, Invites Trump To Moscow

Image by Kremlin.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to criticism in the Western media about President Trump’s seemingly benign performance during the news conference after the summit between the two leaders in Helsinki. The Russian leader gave the comments during a news conference in Johannesburg, South Africa after the BRICS conference, focusing on developing economies. Putin also invited Trump to Moscow when the conditions permit.

“I think he is an experienced person, a businessman with a lot of experience, and he understands that if there is a need to establish cooperation relations with someone, then one must treat the current or potential partner with respect, otherwise nothing will come of it,” – Putin commented on the situation, reported Russian news outlet RIA Novosti.

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“Incidentally, this is the specific character of the incumbent president, and positive, I think, because, as a rule, after the elections, some or other leaders quickly forget what they promised the people when they went to the polls,” the Russian president said.

Trump Should Hold Firm On Helsinki Talks

“We are ready for such meetings, we are ready to invite President Trump to Moscow. He has this invitation already and I told him about it,” Putin said.

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