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Video: The 76 Year Old Babushka Who Skates Alone On Lake Baikal

 Video: The 76 Year Old Babushka Who Skates Alone On Lake Baikal
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Lyubov Morekhodova, her surname means The One Who Walks on Sea. She is a pensioner, but far from retired. The 76 year old Babushka maintains a meager existence on Lake Baikal, the largest fresh water lake in the world, and ice skates alone across the beautiful winter paradise, chasing her cows. She was born on the shores of the lake. Her skates were made in 1943.

“I’ve always been going long distances on skates…I started skating when I was seven…My Dad made the skates by cutting a metal saw and inserting it into pieces of wood which I then tied to valenki (traditional felt boots)…’I don’t like modern skates, they wobble around my ankle and feet get cold…Valenki are always warm…I was even competing in these skates with my fellow factory workers.”

After her husband died, she considered leaving, but couldn’t.

“I sit alone in the kitchen. I sit and look at this…It gives me happiness, a good mood, and then I always think, if anybody sat next to me, they’d say: ‘What a beauty, what incredible beauty’,” reported The Siberian Times.

“Just what do these people want from me? I am minding my business and not touching theirs. I’ve got no spare time at all, and they are inviting me to Moscow! And anyway who will I leave my animals to? And what if they ask me something, and I won’t no what to answer?”

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“I am not scared at all here, I don’t even know what I should be scared of…We live a happy life here, me and my animals. In summer I get to see all my relatives, and in winters I am way too busy to get bored.”

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