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EU Commission Warns Poland On Rule Of Law

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European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmerman directly warned Poland to reverse its judicial reforms as they pose a direct, systematic threat to European rule-of-law, asserting the changes essentially give the ruling party the ability to fire and replace senior judges.

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“I have to say very clearly to you today, the Commission is of the opinion that these laws do create a threat to the rule of law, a systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland,” said Timmermans, reported Reuters.

“Surely, surely the Polish government cannot just simply ignore all of that and pretend as if there’s only one guy in the Commission that has a problem and there is not an issue at all apart from that.”

“Surely the Polish government knows by now there are many concerns in many member states about this…You have so much room for maneuver with the political mandate you got from your voters without having to go after the rule of law. There’s no need to do that. Please refrain from doing that,” Timmermans said.

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“If we do not maintain the rule of law in Europe, then we will take leave of the most fundamental values of a European cooperation. And this will not just affect the member state Poland. It will affect all of us.”

The Commission also asserts that Poland violated the rule of law with changes in its Constitutional Tribunal.

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