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Kurt Volker, New Trump Ukraine Envoy, Visits The East

Image by Right Sektor’s Flickr Photostream by Volodymyr Tverdokhlib

U.S. President Donald Trump’s new envoy to negotiations over ending the conflict in East Ukraine is traveling to the front lines to visit with troops, and civilians affected by the violence between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian rebels supported by Moscow. Kurt Volker will also meet with government officials in Kyiv, reported Associated Press.

The Minsk Accords, signed at a peace conference in the capital of Belarus, are an agreement reached by world powers, the Ukrainian government, and the separatists in Donbass, but have not been fully implemented. Both sides are violating the terms of the accords. Soldiers and civilians are dying routinely in the war-torn region of the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine.

Volker will also meet with the signatories of the Minsk deal in Paris, including the leaders of Germany and France. He will also meet with officials in Brussels with the EU and NATO, as well as officials from the United Kingdom.

The new envoy is also scheduled to meet with groups monitoring the conflict in East Ukraine, reported AP.

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