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EU To Offer Moldova 100 Million Euros For Anti-Corruption Reforms

EU To Offer Moldova 100 Million Euros For Anti-Corruption Reforms
Image by kremlin.ru

Moldova has seen a tug-of-war between a pro-EU government and efforts by Russian security services to bring the country back into Moscow’s fold. A multibillion dollar heist of Moldovan assets from its treasury has brought the conflict out into the open. Currently President Dodon wants closer ties to Moscow while Prime Minister Pavel Filip leans towards Brussels. The EU offered on June 15th a 100 million euro aid package if Moldova would enact anticorruption reforms.

The aid, including 60 million in loans and 40 million euros in grants, is needed to stabilize and reform Moldova’s economy and will supplement resources provided by the International Monetary Fund and other multilateral banks, the European Council said, reports Radio Free Europe.

The EU wants a multi-party parliamentary system. Moldova should also follow the rule of law, protect human rights, ensure efficient, transparent, accountable public finance management, establish ways to prevent corruption and money laundering, and supervise the financial sector, in order for the aid to be unlocked.

President Dodon has rejected EU pleas in the past for a way forward to the east with the Kremlin.

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