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Serbian PM Gives EU A Warning

Serbian PM Gives EU A Warning

The Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, gave the EU an offer it could not refuse…give us a clear message on joining the EU, or else. The ‘or else’ is a move towards Russia, which is very active in the region, attempting, very successfully, to prevent more of its former satellites from moving closer to the West.

“You hear these rumors. ‘The EU doesn’t want us’. And then people try to find something different. That’s something we see as a danger,” Vucic told Reuters a day after he met Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“People are becoming more nationalistic, and on a monthly basis you see a slight decline of EU popularity and a slight rise of Russia popularity,” reports Reuters.

Vucic listed the events which have caused residents of the Balkans to doubt advocating joining the European Union. These include the UK leaving the EU, the EU position on Greece debt, and increasing conflicts among EU members.

“We need huge support from the EU. All this messy stuff, it sends the wrong message to the people.”

Russia has been accused of interfering in Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro, to prevent them from moving closer to Brussels.

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