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Russia’s Alfa Bank Confirms Hackers Attempting To Plant Trump Evidence

Russia's Alpha Bank Confirms Hackers Attempting To Plant Trump Evidence

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! This has been the Democratic mantra for the entire 2016 campaign and the reality of the Trump administration. The problem is, at least according to the FBI, there is no evidence. The federal cops looked specifically looked into ties between the Trump organization and Alfa Bank, the largest Russian, private financial institution.

Reporters at Circa News have been laying out a narrative that a wealthy Hillary donor has been pushing the Trump story in the media about the Alfa Bank connection which turned out to be false, again according to the FBI.

Now we have Alfa Bank actually contacting U.S. law enforcement, asking them to investigate mysterious hacking that looks to be attempting to lay a false trail of an actual Alfa Bank connection to Trump tower.

“According to Alfa Bank, the “false impression” of ties to the Trump Organization is the result of new cyber-attacks this February and March on the bank’s computers, which repeatedly bombarded the Trump Organization’s servers with DNS-requests from servers located in the United States.

The bank’s representatives say the hackers are sending DNS reverse lookup requests designed to look like they’re coming from Alfa Bank,” reports The Moscow Times.

Alpha Bank believes the pings are from the territory of the United States, traced to a U.S. server.

It looks as though there is much more to come on this story.

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