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Russian Cosmonaut Reveals How To End World Conflict

Working in the same crew brings people together, says Russian space traveler. Our cosmonauts joke that if the space launch team gathered politicians, then the world would be free of conflicts – Russian cosmonaut and writer, Yury Usachev told Radio Baltkom.


“It’s incredible, but when working for a long time together in orbit, people get as close as relatives. As commander of the crew, I began to work on such relationships starting from pre-flight preparations. I’ve put huge effort in building close family relationships. I invited families of my colleagues at home, to the countryside, to the bath. When we were in Houston, we would go together on basketball, on rodeo, on home holidays. And all this worked out” -. he said.


According to the cosmonaut, traveling in cosmos bring extraordinary sense of interconnectedness and revelation.

“You can not go out there, all doors are slammed. And what happens inside is just a phenomenon. People start to treat each other as very own family.

We even used to joke that if space launch crew recruited world leaders, then there would be peace throughout the world. “- he said.


Cosmonaut and writer, national hero of Russia, Yury Usachev made four space flights for a total of 553 days and seven times spacewalks.


Yury Usachev, Photo by NASA


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