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Trump Says No Reset Button For Russia

Trump: No reset with Russia

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said today in a news conference that there will be no ‘reset’ with the Russian Federation. Trump mocked Hillary Clinton’s famous episode where she gave him a red reset button with the wrong word written on it. Russian and American relations worsened under Clinton and the Obama administration.

“Russia will have far greater respect for our country when I’m leading it and I believe and I hope maybe it won’t happen, it’s possible. But I won’t be giving a little reset button like Hillary. Here, press this piece of plastic. A guy looked at her like what is she doing? There’s no reset button. We’re either going to get along or we’re not. I hope we get along, but if we don’t, that’s possible too.”

“Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, all countries will respect us far more, far more than they do under past administrations,” he claimed.

When asked about reports of Russian hacking in the American 2016 election, Trump said that the US had “to work something out.”

“It’s not just Russia…Take a look at what’s happened. You don’t report it the same way; 22 million accounts were hacked in this country by China. And that’s because we have no defense.”

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