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Estonian, Polish DefMins Discuss Easing Border Crossing Rules For Allies

Baltics want allies to travel freely cross borderMeeting with Poland’s Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz today, Estonian Defense Minister Hannes Hanso suggested the possibility of loosening restrictions on national border crossing by allied units of NATO and speeding up the process, says The Baltic Times.

Hanso depicts defense co-operation between Estonia and Poland as very good and increasingly strengthened following the implementation of NATO Warsaw summit decisions, as part of which allied units will arrive in the region, spokespeople for the Estonian Defense Ministry disclosed.

“The Warsaw summit was very successful when it comes to the future of the security of our countries,” Hanso stated. “First and foremost the implementation of the plans for stepped-up presence of allies will significantly increase the security of our region and encourage our defense forces to co-operate more intensively still in the fields of training exercises and training.”

Hanso underscored the need for Poland and the Baltic nations to collaborate to facilitate and quicken border crossing by allied units.

“We are working seriously toward making it possible for allied units in our region to relocate as easily as possible, without a decision having to be made on the political level for every border crossing by each individual soldier,” Hanso said at the meeting with the Polish minister in Warsaw. “Estonia and Poland share the same understanding of the security challenges of our region. We both find that the behaviour of Russia ignoring international law cannot be accepted and requires very clear and unequivocal condemnation.”

Originally posted at The Baltic Times

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