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Siberia Bans Migrant Workers From Jobs Needed By Russians

Siberia bans migrants from jobs needed by RussiansThe restrictions from the governor of the Novosibirsk region, Vladimir Gorodetsky, cover a wide array of employment sectors. His decree issued on Monday appears to be to protect key jobs for Russian citizens during a challenging economic period.

It limits the areas where migrant workers – mainly from former Soviet republics – can be employed. For example, migrants will be barred from jobs in schools and kindergartens.

They will not be permitted to work as drivers on passenger transport or extract mineral resources. Foreign workers will be forbidden from employment in finance, as well as in hunting and fishing.

They will be barred from children’s food production. They will no longer be allowed to work in the fields of law, auditing and accounting, nor seek employment as secretaries, editors and translators.

There is a three month deadline fore employers to comply with the new rules. Novosibirsk region, in common with many parts of Russia, has seen as influx of migrant workers.

Yet some experts say Russia depends on migrant workers to fill jobs. The unemployment rate in Novosibirsk region is currently 7.9%.

Regional deputy labour minister Nadezhda Tsvetkova said: ‘This resolution was adopted in order to ensure national security, maintain an optimal balance of labour resources, as well as assisting the prioritising in employment of citizens of Russian Federation.’

Originally posted at The Siberian Times

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