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Putin Wants NATO Airbase At Incirlik To Fight ISIS

Russia wants IncirlikIt seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin has Turkish President Erdogan more under his thumb than previously thought. After apologizing to Russia for shooting down a Russian jet who entered Turkish airspace, Erdogan is bending over backwards to please his new Russian Godfather. Turkey now says that Russia can use its famous Incirlik air base, a significant facility in NATO’s southern flank.

Is Turkey still part of NATO? Or is it a country willing to sell out the alliance to the Russians, ISIS, or the highest bidder? I never thought I’d see the day a NATO country capitulated to the Kremlin but under the pathetic leadership of the Obama administration, nothing should surprise me.

The statement came from Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu during his interview with TRT channel.
The top diplomat has acknowledged that Moscow might be given the green light to use Turkey’s Incirlik airbase to engage Islamic State targets in Syria. As of now, Russian aircraft make their sorties from Khmeimim airbase in Syria’s Latakia province, reports RT.

“We will cooperate with everybody who is fighting Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL),” Cavusoglu said, pointing out that “Ankara has opened the Incirlik airbase to all those wishing to join the active fight.”

“Why not cooperate with Russia in the same manner? Turkey is ready for such cooperation. Terrorism is our common enemy. Joint efforts are important to avoid negative incidents [among sides fighting ISIS],” the minister said.

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