Irena Shabani

IRENA SHABANI Is an Albanian freelance journalist and human rights activist specialising in investigative journalism. She co-founded Panorama, the leading newspaper in Albania, where she served as managing editor from 2002 to 2003. Prior to Panorama she was a journalist at Shekulli and Gazeta Shqiptare and has been part of the Albanian Human Rights Group from its beginning. She has collaborated on programmes for the International Research and Exchanges Board, investigating topics involving crime and political corruption and continues to collaborates with foreign organisations and local media focused on social problems and minority rights.

Kosovo Government Falls

Kozeta Cika contributed to this article Image by David Liuzzo Today, the government in Kosovo fell, after the parliament approved the opposition’s no-confidence motion against the current government with 78 votes. The vote was a surprise, as the government did not expect its allies to vote in favor of the…

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