“It’s Our Day” – Independence Day In Georgia

“It’s Our Day” - Independence Day In Georgia

101 years from the establishment of the first Republic of Georgia, Independence day is celebrated throughout the country on the same day. Events were taking place both in Tbilisi and in different regions. 

“It’s Our Day” - Independence Day In Georgia

The slogan of the day is “May 26 – It’s Our Day.” The festive mood was everywhere in the Tbilisi. Different concerts and exhibitions were held, and in Liberty Square the military equipment of Georgia was exhibited. A military parade was held there as well. 

“It’s Our Day” - Independence Day In Georgia

The mayor of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze send a congratulatory message to the citizens of Georgia from Liberty Square. “I am greeting the whole Georgia and saying Happy Independence Day! This is the most remarkable national holiday. I want to say special congratulations to our soldiers and veterans of war as well as the ones from our neighboring countries who support us to establish stability and peace in the country. We are proud of you. The Georgian soldier is the highest value for Georgians!” he said. 

“It’s Our Day” - Independence Day In Georgia

Neighboring countries Armenia and Azerbaijan have sent special congratulations on the occasion of Independence Day. The Georgian flag was displayed in in the main streets of Yerevan and the congratulatory message of Azerbaijan was in the Georgian Language. 

All citizens gathered in Liberty Square started singing the national anthem together with 300 singers at 5:10 p.m. sharp. This time was in coincidence with signing the Act of Independence on May 26, 1918.

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