Take an Armchair Tour of the Kremlin Museums

Take an Armchair Tour of the Kremlin Museums
Catherine II’s wedding dress (1745)
Image by Ramón

One of the great tricks of the Moscow Kremlin — architecture-wise — is that as you walk around it on the outside, you don’t really understand the bit about it being built on a high promontory surrounded by water. But when you are inside the Kremlin looking out, you see how high up you are above the city — even if there is only one river left of the three that once flowed by the walls. 

If you have a hankering to visit, you can now see a great deal of the Kremlin, its museums and collections online. You can even catch some of those marvelous views.

On the main part of the site in Russian, you can stop to watch their Easter cycle of YouTube illustrated lectures or scroll down to click on some photo tours of the Armory, Cathedral Square, and ancient sites through archival materials and archeological finds…

To read more visit The Moscow Times.

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