Bike Trail Connecting 8 Countries Will Pass Through Albania

Bike Trail Connecting 8 Countries Will Pass Through Albania

Are you an avid cyclist with a thirst for travel? If that is you in a nutshell, you will happy to hear of plans for a new cross-border cycling route that will transverse a total of eight countries. Plans are currently in the works to launch a 2000km mountain bike trail that will take cyclists through all eight European countries in the Western Balkans.

The proposed trail will connect eight European countries across the Dinaric Alps including SloveniaCroatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the plans also include the eventual inclusion of MontenegroAlbaniaKosovoSerbia and Macedonia.

Drawing inspiration from the Via Dinarica hiking trail, this new route will enable cyclists to travel across all eight countries along the Dinaric Alps and Sharr Mountains. The trail takes riders well off-the-beaten path, and over a range of challenging terrains that are rewarded will stunning views and surroundings.

Points of interest that the route will pass through include Unesco sites, villages and national parks, mountains, along coastlines, and besides fast flowing rivers at the base of incredible canyons.

Ideally, cyclists should aim to cover 50 to 60 km per day along dirt roads and tracks, gaining 1500 metres of elevation each day. Cycling at that pace daily, each country can be completed in seven to ten days, and cyclists can choose to cover part, or all, of the trail as there are many options available. Of course, those wanting a slower pace are welcome to do so, opting to soak up more of each locations atmosphere as they pass through.

The idea for Trans Dinarica was conceived by a group of individuals each hailing from various countries that are included in the route such as Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, each of which also owns their own travel company

It is hoped that the new venture will open up previously unexplored parts of the Balkans whilst offering sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism options. In addition to this, previously remote and cut-off towns and villages will be able to benefit from an increase in touristic opportunities and income to be derived from those travelling along the route.

For further information on the new Trans Dinarica route, see here.

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