The Most Significant Thing Trump Could Do For World Peace Is To Bring Down The Iranian Regime…From The Inside

The Most Significant Thing Trump Could Do For World Peace Is To Bring Down The Iranian Regime...From The Inside

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The Mullahs in Iran hijacked a legitimate revolution in the late ’70s against a repressive, murderous Shah in order to establish a murderous, repressive, evil regime of their own. The Mullahs have killed hundreds of thousands of their own citizens in order to stay in power. They have raped the country economically to the point where large swaths of the country don’t even have fresh water.

Most Iranian youth have no future. This is why thousands of them recently gave their lives willingly walking into the machine guns and tanks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG), the Mullahs Nazi-like protectors of ill-gotten wealth, who tried to stop the spontaneous, country-wide demonstrations which erupted over a rise in fuel prices.

President Trump is right to protect American lives in the Middle East by killing the man who was planning even further bloodshed on and off American soil, a man with the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands.

President Trump is right to continue squeezing the Islamic Republic of Iran economically with sanctions to shut down the flow of dollars to the medieval Mullahs.

President Trump is right to contain Iran, not go to war, but to prevent them from continuing to weaponize the Middle East as a playground for terror for their evil agenda outside their own borders.

President Trump should push to bring down this horrific regime…from the inside.

Think of a Middle East without the world’s most prolific sponsor of terror. Think of a world without Iranian militias in Iraq (which George Bush enabled). Think of a world without Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria, which pressure Israel, a strategic American ally.

Trump doesn’t have to send troops to Iran. He can continue to tighten the noose. The Iranian people will do the rest.

I have spent much time with the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran, the Iranian Resistance, or sometimes called the PMOI/MEK. I’m proud to call them my friends. They are determined to end this evil state of affairs in Iran, and install a democratic government, a tolerant form of Islam, equal rights for females, a free market, and most of all…peace in the region.

I have seen their leader’s ten point plan for a new Iran. I have seen their promise to hold free elections within six months of bringing down the regime.

I have also listened to survivors of the 1988 massacre, where over 30,000 members of the resistance were executed in cold blood. Over 120,000 of the group have been tortured and executed by the Mullahs over the last few decades. I’ve seen them weep uncontrollably at the memories of their friends fighting the regime heroically, with only their words, to the bitter end.

The Iranians don’t need American troops. They do need our help to continue to pressure the Mullahs from the outside. The revolution will come from inside — just give them the tools to help make it happen.

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PermReader January 14, 2020 at 3:35 pm

The most importaint meaning of the Trump presidency, is his clear demonstration of the disasters of the politics of the West in its answers to threats of political Islam, authoritarian regimes, third world migration,leftist attacks under the liberal masks. This explains the mutual hatred of UE bureocrats, Islam world, American deep state and the Dems. His enemies have the heavy choice of the complete denial of his accusations,or the open hatred. They choose both. The Trump questions will move the reluctant world forward.


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