Video: European Commission President Says There Is Special Place In Hell For Brexiteers….The Arrogance…

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The President of the European Commission, Donald Tusk, had some choice words today for those mouth-breathers in the United Kingdom who dare defy Brussel’s wishes. The arrogant official from Poland, whom the current Polish Prime Minister Antoni Macierewicz requested be investigated in 2017 over Tusk’s alleged role in the 2010 plane crash that killed Poland’s then-President Lech Kaczyński, said those wanting to leave the EU without a plan should enjoy a ‘special place in Hell’.

At Tsarizm, we believe that is exactly what the UK should do — leave without a plan. The United Kingdom will be fine, and will enjoy robust economic growth, much more than if they stayed in this tyrannical monstrosity The Continent calls Europe. Britain will have control of its borders as well.

Nationalism is not a dirty word; it is a patriotic agenda that will bring wealth and prosperity to the citizens of the United Kingdom. Love live Brexit!

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