Escaping The Kremlin’s Embrace: Why Serbia Has Tired Of Russian Support

Escaping The Kremlin’s Embrace: Why Serbia Has Tired Of Russian Support
Image by Kremlin.ru
Meeting of Aleksandar Vučić and Vladimir Putin on January 17, 2019 in Belgrade (Serbia)

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to Belgrade — his first in more than four years — was eagerly anticipated by Serbian politicians. Despite the visit being described there as monumental, no agreement that could be described as monumental came out of it. In reality, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has little choice but to praise his Russian benefactor in public, while trying to convince the Kremlin behind closed doors to give Belgrade at least a little wiggle room on the most important Serbian foreign policy issue: recognition of Kosovo.

The Truth Is, Russia Is Expanding

The Kosovo conflict seemed endless, but many events of the past eighteen months have made its resolution more possible than even the bravest optimists dared to dream just a short time ago. First, Brussels finally named a possible date for Serbia to join the European Union: 2025, signaling that the country’s accession is quite realistic, provided Belgrade complies with certain conditions, the main one of which is resolving the Kosovo conflict…

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