Only Donald J. Trump Can Unite America – An Agenda For The Second Term

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America is divided in many ways – racially, politically, generationally; only Donald J. Trump can unite us for the future and bring the United States out of the partisan wilderness.

The Obama administration fought to divide the country, and use the division as a political weapon. It was all planned of course. Barack would preach about unity while dividing through his statements, behavior, and policies, behind our backs – classic Democratic Party, liberal, ‘progressive’ projection and deceit.

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America has drifted into a deep vat of divisiveness and hatred. While the right in general, except for a few wackos, has been more tolerant and respectful of the other side, while of course legally fighting their agenda with everything they have, the Left has changed into a mob of brownshirts who want to literally destroy the other side, physically, intellectually, and politically. They of course cannot win in the arena of ideas, so they decided long ago to resort to violence and deception in order to hold onto power. They are no longer Americans; they are Neo-Bolsheviks, happy to tear down the greatest experiment ever in human governance in order to keep their bank accounts full.

Enter Donald J. Trump, stage right.

What POTUS has done is upset the carefully choreographed narrative the Left has up to now very successfully planted in the American psyche – that conservatives are racist, that they only want money for the rich, that they don’t care about the little man, that they are against women, against minorities, and against science.

Of course conservatives and Trump supporters are none of these things. As time goes by, it becomes more and more obvious to the low-information voter that the lies from the Left have been just that – lies.

Trump has shown that conservative policies help middle America where the socialists policies of the Left only lead to misery. Trump has called out the racially divisive behavior of the Obama administration and actually helped minority America, where Obama gave them only words, gun violence and misery. Trump has shown the chastened GOP establishment that he can actually expand the party, govern, and get things done for flyover country. Trump has shown that a foreign policy on realism and America first can be hugely successful (and thousands of Americans don’t have to die in the process).

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Yes, only Donald J. Trump can unite America by continuing to be successful for Americans of all faiths, political creeds, and race.

I call for this to be a signature policy of the second Trump term, after he has done much of the heavy lifting that needed to be done after the misery, disaster, and deceit of the Obama years.

Trump will continue to show the folly of identity politics, and the helplessness and pain it leads to for all Americans.

Enough of this crap. It needs to end.

Donald J. Trump is the man that can get us there. And it was all so simple; all he had to do was genuinely love America – all of it.

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