The New Trend: The Socialist Democratic Movement Coming to a Town Near You

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Buyer beware!!

Democratic socialism is on the rise! According to the Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, “Socialism is the future of the party” embracing the progressive ideology on the far left. Recently a new- comer to the scene, 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, with the help of progressive socialist Bernie Sanders, won the Democratic primary over a long- standing incumbent in New York. One might ask how this happened? Well, you need a little back ground as

to why the movement is once again popular. History often repeats itself if we don’t look back and learn from past mistakes.

When you think of Socialism the first thing that might come to your mind is bread lines…. Not so fast. Socialism is an ideology of equality, in pay, jobs, housing, medical, and all our basic needs, yet, through out history there has rarely been a country that has succeeded in a socialist system.

And someone has to pay for it all! When the general population is on so many Entitlements (public assistance) what happens when the money runs out? Under this trending national movement does anyone work anymore?

We Have Given The Keys To The Kingdom To Those Who Were Not Raised With American Values

There are no free rides under Socialism and everyone doesn’t get a Blue Ribbon. After 8 years under the Obama administration with high unemployment, slow job growth, low wages, lowest GDP of any President and cost of tuition, housing, fuel and basic needs on the rise, the new generation coming of age at that time began to feel overwhelmed and hopeless for the future. The Democratic party did a great public relations job with the mainstream media in their pocket and a cool, smooth-talking President to keep hope alive despite the harsh reality. Bernie Sanders spoke to the millennials about free tuition and forgiveness of student loans.

Obama implemented the “Affordable Care Act” offering low cost health care, although that never came to fruition and the “keep your doctor if you like your doctor” never happened. Hillary talked about providing two years of community college free, which again would add to our already high national debt. This reality hit home for millennials facing the future and it resonated just as the Democrats counted on.

All those goodies come at a cost to someone, but instead of stimulating the economy or cutting the waste in Washington this would surely put our national debt at great risk. In those eight short years under Obama our national debt doubled, Welfare Recipients nearly doubled when Obama lifted many restrictions on participants, from 45 million in 2008 to 80 million in 2016, and everyone got an Obama cell phone. Lifting the restrictions also allowed many to game the system, which has become a big problem.

Now there is a new kid in town propped up by Bernie Sanders and embraced by the DNC as the future, her name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The only problem is socialism doesn’t work and never will, and the new kid is very young and has little life experience. She does not understand major issues like unemployment rate calculations and foreign policy.

Trump on the other has suggested that welfare recipients who are able-bodied should work; but the Libs, as usual, had a meltdown. Welfare was never meant to be a life style but a bandaid to help the most vulnerable individuals among us. Without reigning in entitlements and having restrictions back in place people are gaming the system to the detriment of those that really need the help.

Illiberal Democracy Versus Cultural Destruction…Big Change Coming to Europe

Socialism is a dangerous slippery slope— although it can be managed somewhat in much smaller countries, it cannot succeed in our large, heterogeneous society.

Karl Marx himself said that socialism is simply a stepping stone on the pathway to communism. Is anyone in their right mind advocating we become a Communist country? The Democrats might want to rethink the direction of their new socialist movement before it’s too late.

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