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French Judiciary Overturns Paris Court To Allow Iranian Resistance Rally On Saturday

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PARIS – The French judiciary today overturned a Paris court to allow a Saturday demonstration by the Iranian Resistance, otherwise known as the PMOI/MEK.

The prior ruling had been based on an expectation of violence during the rally, according to Paris authorities.

Today’s ruling is a victory for the Free Iran movement.

Recent coordinated actions between the French and Albanian governments to crack down on the MEK during the rally in Paris, and via a police raid on their camp Ashraf 3 in Albania, are seen to be coordinated by the U.S. State Department in a gift to the Iranian regime.

The Paris police prefecture had justified its decision by considering that the demonstration was likely “to generate disturbances to public order because of the geopolitical context.” In 2018, the French authorities foiled in extremis a bomb attack against a gathering of several thousand people of the NCRI in Villepinte near Paris, reported AFP.

Several people were arrested, including an Iranian diplomat stationed at the embassy in Vienna, Assadollah Assadi, considered the coordinator of the project. Convicted by the Belgian courts, he was recently released and returned to Iran last month as part of a prisoner exchange with the authorities in Tehran.

The press release from the NCRI can be read below:

The victory of justice to the benefit of Resistance

Iranians’ demonstration will hold on Saturday, July 1, in Vauban Square in Paris

On Friday, June 30, the Paris court overturned an order banning the July 1 demonstration by the Paris Prefectural Office. It declared the rally in Vauban Square in Paris free on Saturday afternoon. The Court sentenced the Prefecture of Paris to pay the organizing committee of the demonstration a fine of 1500 euros.

By this order, the Court did not allow democracy and freedom of expression to be sacrificed in a deal with the religious fascism ruling Iran. This is a heavy blow to the clerical regime and the policy of appeasement.

Security being a ridiculous excuse, the reality was surrendering to blackmail by a regime that is the record-holder in executions and the godfather of international terrorism.

The experience of the past four decades has shown that appeasement toward this regime encourages repression, execution, and terror. Annoyed by popular support for the PMOI and their crucial role in the uprising and the growing international support for the Resistance, the mullahs ruling Iran tried to involve foreign powers in suppressing the Resistance. They received a worthy response from the Paris court.

The government’s arguments for banning the demonstration assumed the Iranian regime might attack it. It is shameful that the right to freedom of speech and assembly be ignored instead of protecting the rally and confronting this threat.

The unjustified and illegal prohibition of the demonstration wasted a lot of sensitive time for the organizers and created many problems in the planning for receiving the large crowd who wanted to participate in the rally. This left a lot of material and moral damage. But despite all the disruptions, the big demonstration of Iranians will be held on Saturday afternoon.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

June 30, 2023

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