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Iran Eyes Creating ‘Shiite NATO’ To Counter Israel, US

Land Bridge (source: Washington Times)

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Iran has long dreamed of a Shia land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean. Israel stands in the way of this dream.

Today, Russian state media reported of the mullah’s desire to create a NATO-like alliance of Shia nations in the Middle East.

Iran is drawing up a treaty on defense and security, which is expected to be signed by its Shiite allies in the Middle East. The new “NATO style” deal should cement the principle of a collective response to any possible attack by Israel or the United States. Despite the declared broad Iranian contacts in the region, experts note the creation of a new alliance similar to NATO is very unlikely, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

The initiative is aimed at formalizing all unofficial relations, which Tehran currently has in the region, said Nikita Smagin, an Iran-based expert with the Russian International Affairs Council.

Although Tehran is good at establishing allied relations with various organizations in the region, this cooperation is based on an immediate convergence of interests. This partnership is not strong.

Although unlikely, the arrival of the Biden administration looks to reignite American appeasement of the mullahs, in the long-held view that this will ‘promote change’ in Tehran.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This will be a direct threat to Israel and American interests in the region.

The result of Biden’s foreign policy will be a re-emergence of the Iranian threat in the Middle East, NATO-like Shia alliance or not.

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