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An Inside Look At The Rab’ Allah Movement In Iraq

An Inside Look At The Rab' Allah Movement In Iraq

In the following report our researcher in Iraq spoke to people across the country about the group Rab’ Allah (spelled “Rabaallah” in the researcher’s text below). We have included the interviews as they were spoken and then translated. In places were have left the spelling as we received it and tried our best to conform it to known uses.

Abdullah, 39, a Baghdad resident close to the Rab’ Allah Militia movement

I don’t remember the exact date they began, they just seemed to arrive. They were not as organized at the beginning as they are now. Before, they were a different group with random targets and goals. They belong to Abu Fadak al Mohammadawi – the ‘Uncle.’ (Abu Fadak replaced Abu Mahdi al Muhandis as chief of staff of the Popular Mobilization Units, after the latter’s assassination by the US in January, 2020).

Abu Fadak gathered and organized them under one name. He is directly supervising and guiding them, and they are taking orders and by him and directly from the intelligence section of PMU. There is a second person after Abu Fadak, he took Abu Fadaks previous position in the intelligence section of Hashd Al-Shaabi (PMU), and he is from the south of Iraq very close to Iran. The movement came out and became very active after pausing military attacks and switching to civil activities and demonstrations and protection against the Americans and anyone who hits their interests…

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