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Iraqi Officials Differing Views On Security Reform And Rooting Out Corruption In Security Forces

Iraqi Officials Differing Views On Security Reform And Rooting Out Corruption In Security Forces

Major-General Yahya Rasoul, Spokesman of the Iraqi Security Forces

“In 2014 it was a retrogression for Iraqi army, but we learnt from all we have been through. We started to rebuild Iraqi armed forces capabilities and capacities in all aspects – ground forces, air forces, and navy. When the cities fell to IS, we had nothing to defend to our land such as warplanes, and helicopters. Now, we have F16 warplanes, T50, 159, and cargo aircraft. The same for ground forces, artillery, armored vehicles, and all fields in military defense. Therefore, the experiences we gained from liberation, now we have huge information and knowledge. The most important in all these is morale. I believe Iraqi armed forces now has a very good military system, that will inspire respect among forces in the region.

Definitely, we have new professional military leaders in Iraqi army…Therefore, we have to focus on each officer and leaders in each section of the Iraqi army. We recruited them based on their professional ability.”

“We were able to prevent and restrict corruption such as ghost soldiers to a large extent. Now, as the ministry of defense we have contracts with exchange companies. They are helping us to distribute the salaries to our employees in order to prevent corruption. We have a very good officers with high knowledge and specialized with intelligent information in this matter. We will take firm action against all such phenomena…”

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