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Russia’s Alexander Dugin Calls US Presidential Debate An Episode Of ‘Beavis And Butthead’

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The Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, whom Tucker interview in Moscow, and who’s daughter was assassinated by Ukrainian forces in the Russian capital, had choice words for the recent American presidential debate.

Alexander Dugin (often dubbed “Putin’s brain” in Western media, accurate or not) used his RIA Novosti column to compare the debate to an episode of Beavis and Butthead. “As a result of the debate, the great superpower of idiots acknowledged Trump’s victory. He carried himself better, his hairstyle was more convincing and more aggressive than that of sleepy Butthead, whose batteries ran out towards the end when he began groaning monotonously,” Dugin wrote. If these candidates and the US electorate “determine the fate of humanity … we have to admit that we’re finished,” he wrote, reported Russian independent news outlet The Bell.

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The author of another RIA column suggested that Biden was being propped up by “certain forces” that had “grabbed onto power and are prepared to cling onto it to the bitter end.” A columnist for Rossisskaya Gazeta, the government’s official newspaper, wrote simply: “How wretched it all looked.”

In general, a clearly destructive process is underway in America. And the presidential debate was a clear example of that,” added one of Russia’s leading propagandists, Dmitry Kiselyov.

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