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Kremlin Declares Russia Has Become 4th Largest Agriculture Exporter

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The Russian Foreign Ministry has claimed that Moscow is now the fourth largest agricultural exporter with a volume sent abroad of $43.5B.

“We have become the fourth country in the world in terms of exports of agricultural products, and the first country in the world in terms of wheat. Revenues from selling products on foreign markets amounted to <…> $43.5 bln,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin also added that Russia’s revenues from exports of agricultural products increased 30 times. “Last year, export revenues reached $43.5 bln. The volume increased 30-fold – not just some percentage, but export revenues increased 30 times,” Putin said.

In his opinion, such results “only recently seemed absolutely unrealistic.” “If they had said in 2000 that we would have 43.5 bln in export revenue, no one would have believed it, it seemed like some kind of fantasy. But these are the realities today,” Putin emphasized, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

Before the Bolshevik revolution, Russia was a large exporter to Europe and elsewhere; however, this prowess was destroyed by communism. Only a hundred years later did Russia resume the same level of food exports it enjoyed at the turn of the 20th century.

“So much has changed in the agro-industrial sector during past years. The dependence in 2000 was almost on all main components and directions in respect of providing the country with foods. Such dependence does not actually exist at present,” the head of state said.

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