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Navalny Buried In Moscow – Supporters Mourn

Kremlin opposition leader Alexei Navalny was laid to rest today in Moscow. His supporters braved the snow to pay their respects.

Navalny was a controversial figure who flirted with fascism in the past, then turned to anti-corruption, famously outing Russian leaders’ extravagance.

He also was likely receiving support from Western intelligence agencies. Former CIA Director John Brennan tweeted several years ago how nice the world would be if the US was run by Joe Biden, and Russia by Alexei Navalny.

Navalny’s allies say his coffin is being lowered into the ground to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Meanwhile, mourners have still not been allowed into the cemetery. 

Navalny died of a blood clot according to press reports while at a prison in Russia, after being jailed for corruption himself, a development seen as politically motivated.

Navalny’s widow Yulia Navalnaya left a farewell message on Telegram.

“Lyosha, thank you for 26 years of absolute happiness. Yes, even the past three years of happiness. Thank you for your love, for always supporting me, for making me laugh even from prison, for the fact that you always thought about me.

“I don’t know how to live without you, but I will try to make you happy for me, and proud of me. I don’t know if I will manage, but I will try.

“We will definitely meet one day. I have so many untold stories for you, and I have so many songs saved for you on my phone, stupid and funny, and, to be honest, terrible songs, but they are about us, and I really wanted to show them to you. And I really wanted to watch you listen to them, to laugh and then hug me.

“Love you forever. Rest in peace.”

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