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General Zaluzhny Vs Clown-Piano-Player-Turned-Agonizing President In Jan-Feb 2024

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KYIV – Not many people realize and understand why the comedian Zelenskiy became President of the country, few people understand what kind of sketches he played, few people in the USA and the EU understand why Zelenskiy is called the “dick-piano-player”. 

Well, here is the link for you. The translation is not needed. It’s in Englo-French language voiced by the “Dick-piano-player-Zelensky” himself in this short sketch.

Now ask yourself, was this hilarious sketch the only one of such quality? You see the people in the concert hall laughing? Do you think all people in Ukraine enjoy this kind of show? It’s hysterical laugh. The quality of the sketch is beyond morality. It’s gross. There were 20 years of such performances. Zelenskiy is responsible for the debilitation and demoralization of two generation of young Ukrainians.

Now ask yourself — who in the country called Ukraine could vote for such person to become a president? Yes. We know. The choice presented to Ukrainians was — “Chocolate baron-fraudster-shyster-millionaire Poroshenko” who liked to steal the money and dealt with shady gas import-export with Putin-Medvedev-Medvedchuk, and the New York-Washington clique agents or “Fresh Laughable Green Zelensky”. 

Remember! There was no line — “No Poroshenko, No Zelenskiy” — on the voting ballot! There was no choice. Plus, the patrons and sponsors of Zelenskiy from the UK and “Washington-NY” helped to inflate the numbers of the voting digitally. 73% of the support is a joke on Poroshenko. Zelenskiy didn’t achieve 73% of the voting.

Here comes Zaluzhny vs Zelenskiy 2 years after the bloodshed war of Ukraine vs Russia.

The counteroffensive of Ukraine in 2023 was fiasco. Two villages were retaken. The quantity of dead and wounded of Ukrainian soldiers is unknown and not confirmed, but the 2023 counteroffensive added +300,000 disabled to the “Register of disabled” in Ukraine. Thus, the quantity of dead can be in the range of 100,000-200,000 for 2023. Add up the estimated casualties of 2022 yourself.

Did General Zaluzhny succeed on the battlefield? No.

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Did President Zelenskiy succeed on the battlefield and in political international meetings? No.

So what happened on January 29th in the battle of Za vs Ze? A frog tried to eat the snake. A burned marshmallow tried to eat the burned sausage. 

Did Ze fire Za? No. Not confirmed. He suggested Za to be dismissed.

Did Za asked Ze to be dismissed? No. Not confirmed. He suggested Ze he doesn’t want to be sent to “honorable” positions in the government as an advisor or an ambassador.

Awaiting for Round 2 of Za vs Ze. 

Below is the picture of Za after his meetings with Ze. The t-shirts say “ARMY Ukraine”. Thus, Za and Sha and others in the “ARMY Ukraine” have a plan. 

Round 2 in February.

Source: Valeriy Zaluzhny, Date: Jan 30th 2024

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