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The Agony Of Ukraine Continues

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KYIV – Reporting from on the ground.

1. 189 rockets launched yesterday. Various hits in major cities. The air defense system was not effective. 4 waves of rocket attacks pushed the air defense past the limits.

2. UAH national currency was devalued from 37.6 to 39.5 within a week. No USD is available in FX exchange booths and in banks.

3.  The prime minister of Ukraine declared they need urgent injection of money from the EU and the USA otherwise the pension fund will not be able to pay the pensions, the government would not be able to pay the doctors and the police in January.

4. The cabinet of ministers and Zelensky issued a pre-draft law to be voted on Jan 15th, which foresees the freeze of banking accounts, mobiles phones, ban of passports, arrest of property of those men that do not attend private military outposts for army recruitment when they obtain an electronic version of the “army draft notice” in their phone messengers, emails and DIA governmental electronic system.

The dictatorship is in agony.

The country is falling apart.

5. Allegedly, IMF has allowed the Cabinet of Ministers and the NBU to print 50 bln UAH in January. that’s approximately 1.12 USD bln to cover the urgent liquidity gaps for January. That will put the UAH/USD exchange rate to an estimated 42 UAH/1 USD.

6. According to expert estimation and calculation Ukrainian Air Defenses spent approximately 1200 ground-to-air missiles trying to hit an estimated 200 rockets and Shaheed drones sent by Russia on Dec 28-29th. The cost of air defense within 1 day is estimated in a range from USD 70 mln to up to USD 200 mln within this time range.

7. The air defense capacity of Ukraine currently is not sustainable.

8. 4 air strike waves were launched by Russian rocket forces on Ukraine. The 2 day wave of rockets hit military targets and air defense units. The military warehouses near Kyiv and other cities were hit.

9. Panic in Kyiv. People withdraw money from the ATMs and buy drinking water in Ukraine on the morning of December 29th.

10. Military warehouses in Kyiv and nearby were hit on Dec 29th. Several electrical transformer stations were hit. Some districts of Kyiv are left without water and electricity.

DECEMBER 29th: Consequences of the morning missile attack on Ukraine at the moment:

▪️Kiev: Desnyansky district is partially without electricity, in Troeshchyna there is no light at all, the scale of the fire is large, a power outage is possible in all areas of the capital, there are problems with water supply.

▪️Zhytomyr: there is no electricity and water in the city, hospitals have been switched to backup power.

▪️Dnepr: the arrival of rockets was at the facility of the energy infrastructure; certain areas of the regional center, Sinelnikovo and Vasilkovka were left without electricity. One of the Dneproprovodkanal pumping stations is de-energized. There are water shortages on the left bank of the city.

Charge power banks, prepare water supplies.

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BTeboe December 29, 2023 at 10:22 pm

Maybe Zelensky should sell a couple of his mansions in order to make payroll.

Quartermaster December 30, 2023 at 8:57 am

Ukraine is not a dictatorship. You Putin appeasers are simply liars.

Mad Celt December 30, 2023 at 9:53 am

Inept leadership always harms the people and protects itself.


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