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Putin Claims Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Is A Failure – Considers Exiting Grain Deal

Vladimir Putin Consulting with Officers

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On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave detailed comments regarding the progress of the war in Ukraine. The Russian leader said that Ukraine’s counteroffensive which he confirmed was launched on June 4, is failing. He went on to say that Kyiv has lost 25 to 30 percent of the Western-supplied military vehicles that had been transferred to Ukraine, including tanks.

Putin noted that the counteroffensive had “not been successful in any area” and said that Ukrainian casualties are ten times greater than Russian casualties.

The same day as Putin’s remarks, the Russian Defense Ministry released video footage showing an abandoned German-made Leopard 2 tank and American-made Bradley infantry vehicles along with other abandoned or damaged NATO-supplied armored vehicles.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Kyiv claimed to have made some small advances in its counteroffensive which has been focused in southeastern Ukraine with the goal of recapturing large portions of territory that was taken by Russian forces during the invasion last year.

Ukrainian forces have managed to retake 7 small villages and settlements in the region but have yet to see its counteroffensive materialize any significant breakthroughs.

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister, Hannah Malyar, posted on Telegram that the deepest advance was roughly 4 miles, and “the area of territory taken under control is 90 square kilometers,” which is about 35 square miles.

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Meanwhile, videos of the combat continue to surface on social media, including videos showing trench warfare that is eerily reminiscent of WWII.

As ZeroHedge reports, also of concern is the number of casualties Ukrainian forces are likely experiencing as they launch attacks against Russian minefields, bunkers, gun emplacements, and trenches. No figures regarding casualties have been released by Kyiv as of yet, but the counteroffensive is likely taking a heavy toll on Ukrainian troops, according to analysts.

Putin also issued remarks regarding the UN-supported grain deal on Tuesday saying that Russia is considering backing out of the agreement. He added that Moscow has been “cheated” with respect to its own exports.

“Probably, for the guys who are fighting, it’s not clear why we are letting the grain through. I understand,” Putin said while explaining that the deal mostly benefits Ukraine by allowing it to keep selling its grain mostly to European countries.

“We do it not for Ukraine, but for the friendly countries in Africa and Latin America. Because grain should go first and foremost to the poorest countries in the world,” Putin added.

“We are now thinking about whether to leave the grain deal,” he concluded.

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