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Another Cross-Border Attack In Belgorod On Sunday

Captured Maxxpro Vehicle in Belgorod

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According to the Governor of Russia’s Belgorod oblast Viacheslav Gladkov, another cross-border attack by Ukraine has occurred on Russian territory. It is the third such instance in the past 2 weeks. The governor also noted that FSB security services and Russian forces are engaged in an ongoing fight with the “saboteurs,” although little additional information has been provided.

Russia’s state media, RT, has reported that “In a video address, Gladkov responded to Denis Nikitin, the leader of the Russian Volunteer Corps, a neo-Nazi group of Russian nationals fighting on Kiev’s side.”

“In his video, the governor stated that a battle with the corps detachment was currently raging in Belgorod Region and that he hoped that all members of the group would be killed,” the report added.

“I saw the appeal of scoundrels, bastards, murderers and fascists who allegedly want to meet with me, offering a conversation in exchange for prisoners. In fact, a group of saboteurs went in, there is a battle in Novaya Tavolzhanka. I hope that they will all be destroyed, it cannot be otherwise. Every day civilians die at the hand of these fascists, we bury them every day. Crippled children and dead old people – that’s their handiwork,” Gladkov said about the situation.

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The governor also noted that over the past week, 7 civilians had died as a result of shelling from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Shebekino, which is a town 6 miles from the border has essentially become a frontline for the war as Ukrainian forces have increased the number of attacks on Russian soil, which have included attacks in residential areas.

Russia is now frantically undertaking the evacuation of its border towns as the Ukrainians were forced to do at the start of the conflict. It has become the largest military evacuation effort on Russian territory in decades. Local residents have been moved into temporary shelters as a result of the fighting.

As for the militia groups which entered Russia on Sunday, they appear to be holding territory while trying to advance their position, according to a report by ZeroHedge. In response to the first major attack two weeks ago, Russia used large-scale military assets to quash the incursion, including helicopters. After that assault, Russia’s paramilitary group, Wagner, offered to send forces to protect the border.

According to a tweet from the Chief Foreign-Affairs Correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, Yaroslav Trofimov, “Ukrainian-backed Russian fighters remain in the Russian town of Novaya Tavolzhanka and have taken POWs.”

“The governor has offered to meet them to take back the POWs, Prigozhin has also offered to send an aide.”

If Wagner gets involved in the fighting in Belgorod one must ask if Novaya Tavolzhanka will become the next Bakhmut.

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