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Leaked Intel: Russia Can Fund War In Ukraine For At Least Another Year

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Among other rather unsavory revelations from the trove of Pentagon materials leaked by Airman Jack Teixeira, it has been discovered that the Biden administration’s efforts to slow Putin’s war in Ukraine by imposing sweeping sanctions on Russia are failing. According to the classified assessments, U.S. intelligence believes that Putin can afford to fund Russia’s war in Ukraine for at least another year. The assessments confirm what many in the West already knew to be true – economic sanctions are having little effect on Russia’s war.

“Moscow is relying on increased corporate taxes, its sovereign wealth fund, increased imports and businesses adaptability to help mitigate economic pressures,” one of the assessments states. Some markings on the file indicate that the information was received via intercepted communications.

The assessment from early March indicates that not all of Russia’s economic elites agree with the war, but that they will not back down from supporting Putin as the sanctions have hurt their businesses. According to the assessment, the economic elite “are likely to persist in upholding the Kremlin’s objectives in Ukraine” and in “helping Moscow circumvent sanctions.”

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One of the main reasons the U.S. imposed economic sanctions on Russia was the hope that the trickle-down effect on the general Russian population would lead to unrest and destabilization, which would then force the Kremlin to change course with Ukraine and draw down the invasion. However, according to a Zerohedge report, that has not occurred.

Rather, despite U.S. President Joe Biden mockingly stating after the February 2020 invasion of Ukraine that Russia’s currency would be downgraded to “rubble,” the opposite has happened and the ruble has recovered to its pre-war levels against the USD as of mid-April 2022.

Also of tremendous benefit to Russia as it deals with U.S. sanctions is its rising oil revenue, which has largely come from new markets opening. China in particular has largely increased its imports of Russian oil.

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