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Millions Protest Globalism Across France

French Police attacking protesters, via Twitter

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An 11th day of protests across France against the Macron Regime and its globalist policies saw hundreds of thousands turn out in Paris and over 2 million across the country. The mainstream media has finally started reporting on the protests, but they are distorting their scope and purpose, claiming that they are only about raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

The simplified reporting is designed to obscure the real motives of the protesters. This makes it easy for American commentators from CNN to Fox News to mock the protesters, claiming they are lazy and just do not want to work. In reality, the raise of the retirement age is just the spark that has ignited massive protests against globalism, police violence, NATO, and the war in Ukraine, as well as Macron himself.

Protesters in Paris calling for peace and for France to exit NATO, via Twitter

Protesters throughout the country are calling for the resignation of Macron and for France to exit both NATO and the EU, as well as for an end to the war in Ukraine. The protests have become increasingly violent as the Marcon regime refuses to enter into a dialogue with the demonstrators. The French police have engaged in violent attacks on the protesters and journalists covering the demonstrations that in some cases have led to an escalation of violence in what have mostly been peaceful marches.

In Paris, protesters briefly set fire to the awning of Macron’s favorite restaurant, the Left Bank Brasserie La Rotonde. According to Police, several hundred “radical elements” set trash bins aflame and threw projectiles at the gendarmes.

Protesters inside the building housing BlackRock’s Paris office, via Twitter

Protesters also made their way into the building that houses the offices of BlackRock in Paris. Over 100 demonstrators occupied the ground floor of the building before being expelled by police. BlackRock played a key role in helping Macron craft the controversial pension reform before eventually being forced out by the authorities. It is also the largest money manager of the French pension system. BlackRock is seen by demonstrators as the embodiment of the Globalist elites.

Protesters in Paris on Thursday evening, via Twitter

Demonstrators also shut down the Eiffel Tower, one of the city’s most iconic monuments. Rat catchers hurled rodent cadavers at City Hall. Police used tear gas and water cannons against the crowds. They also attacked protestors as well as onlookers with batons, beating women and the elderly.

The violence also spread to cities outside of Paris, including Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse, Rennes, and Strasbourg. Police fired tear gas on protesters and organized coordinated attacks to disperse the crowds. Many firefighters joined the protesters.

Protesters in Paris on Thursday evening, via Twitter

In refusing to engage the protesters in a constructive dialogue, the government is hoping that the protests and strikes will fizzle out over time and that things will return to normal. Nevertheless, the demonstrations have damaged Macron’s popularity. A new poll shows that Marine Le Pen, who represents the largest opposition party in parliament and who ran against Macron last year, would defeat Macron 55% to 45% if the election was held today.

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