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BREAKING: Biden Gives Ukraine US Maritime Prepositioning Ship Full Of Military Supplies, Endangering American National Security

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A source inside the U.S. military, who just returned from the Ukrainian theater, has informed Tsarizm the Biden administration has given a U.S. ‘PrePo’ (prepositioning) ship, based in Europe and full of emergency military supplies, to the Ukrainian armed forces. This directly endangers American national security by destroying U.S. capability to respond to global conflict.

We have also received other anecdotal reports that American military hardware is being drained to fight the Ukrainian war.

Tsarizm has also received word from sources inside the Special Forces community that the U.S. strategic reserve of Javelin anti-tank missiles, TOW missiles are being rapidly depleted.

Therefore, the issue is not just affecting Special Forces, but American conventional forces as well.

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1 comment

Steven August 25, 2022 at 10:43 pm

Looks very serious. The prepositioned ships are exactly what the article says, critical supplies if US forces are attacked.
Certainly the pace of combat is enormous in Ukraine, months of manufacturing and years of purchasing being expended in days if not hours.
Ukraine does need military supplies, including heavy weapons such as artillery, modern tanks, anti-aircraft and anti-cruise missile weapons especially, meaning missiles in the Patriot category and modern jet aircraft such as F15’s and F16’s, and the ordinance for all of them, which is all very expensive.
It does have the effect of battle testing the equipment against a real peer opponent, which will tell whether it works or not and how it should be used.
A big question is whether there is a plan for replenishment of military stores.
Also logistics involving stores to Ukraine, since there has been question about railroads, highways and bridges all along if there was war to break out in Europe since most bridges can’t handle Abrams tanks, which may weigh in the neighborhood of 70 tons.
One issue is the Marines was/is undergoing a transformation from an armor/artillery heavy organization to a rapid island deployment force in the Pacific utilizing anti-ship missiles launched from land.
Already, Marines have been either transferred to Army or discharged due to their armor MOS being discontinued in the Marines, so as those units are being decommissioned, the Ukraine/Russia war has become dominant with artillery and armor.
Ukraine needs air assets more than anything, although there is the adage, “When do you have enough artillery?, never”.


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