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In Curious Move, Zelenskiy Targets Dual Passport Jewish Oligarchs, While Getting In Bed With The Most Corrupt Tyrants In HIstory At WEF, White House

Ukraine Is The Third Most Corrupt Country In The World And Zelenskiy Demands $12 Billion A Month

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Today, reports from Ukraine state that President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is targeting oligarchs who possess dual citizenship, in order to be seen as ‘fighting corruption’, which is rampant, as Tsarizm has been reporting for years.

Three powerful and prominent Jews in Ukraine appear to have had their citizenship stripped as their long-simmering conflict with President Volodymyr Zelensky has reached a boiling point amid the war with Russia. Last week, Zelensky reportedly either revoked or took steps to revoke the Ukrainian citizenship of two of the country’s best known oligarchs, Igor Kolomoisky and Hennadiy Korban, as well as that of Vadim Rabinovich, a former tycoon turned opposition lawmaker, reported The Jerusalem Post.

The development is curious as Kolomoisky put Zelenskiy in power by funding his acting career via his media empire. It is widely known that Zelenskiy was beholden to Kolomoisky.

Now it looks as if President Z has found new benefactors – the World Economic Forum and the Biden White House — the most corrupt and evil entities in world history. Zelenskiy’s photo shoot in Vogue while his country burns is evidence of his new allegiance.

The citizenship revocations have “revealed a colossal institutional problem that has now upset a really huge number of people,” Borys Filatov, the (non-Jewish) mayor of the strategically important city of Dnipro has said, referencing hundreds of thousands of people with dual nationalities in Ukraine. 

“No one has the right to violate the constitution, even if you have a halo glowing around your head and you feel like a god,” Zoya Kazanzhi, a prominent Ukrainian journalist, said in an interview with the NV news site earlier this week. She characterized the move as “political revenge.”

Sources also tell Tsarizm, Kolomoisky has been very active against Soros’ influence in Ukraine. Perhaps this is another reason the President is taking action against Kolomoisky.

The Ukrainian people are suffering, but the sociopathic globalist overlords care nothing about this. They are only interested in their own wealth and power.

Zelenskiy seems to have chosen a side, the dark side.

We also have reports Zelenskiy is talking to Hollywood movie producers.

What’s next? Saving Private Zelenskiy?

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