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FLASHBACK: Ukrainian Court Opens Investigation Of Biden Coercion Of Former Ukrainian President

Ukrainian Court Opens Investigation Of Biden Coercion Of Former Ukrainian President
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A Ukrainian court has opened an investigation into Vice President Joe Biden’s blackmailing of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, to prevent an investigation into Burisma, where his son sat on the board, and from which the Biden family was paid millions of dollars.

Stanislav Denisyuk, former head of the Kharkov tax inspectorate, wrote that the Ukrainian court decided to initiate an investigation against Biden for interfering in the dismissal of Shokin, the prosecutor general, and indicated the case number, reported a Ukrainian source to Tsarizm.

⚡️ Now officially – by resolution of the Pechersk court No. 757/13840/20-k, the Office of the Attorney General is obligated to open a case on the intervention of former US Vice President Joe Biden in the work of Attorney General Shokin. The ruling was signed by Judge Sergei Vovk.

In the next three months, such a game will unfold that all previous stories with Burisma will seem like flowers. It is easy to assume that the published “Derkach films” is only the first step. Loud election scandals will cascade and grow.

According to the source, it is already clear that Trump chose the “Ukrainian case” among the flagship for strikes on Biden.


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Show me May 23, 2020 at 10:48 pm

The die is cast as far as the Democrats are concerned, as best I can tell from widespread commentary from prominent Democrat party leaders, in that they are choosing Biden to be the Democrat nominee.
He himself says he’s only going to be an interim president.
That is becoming obvious, and from the way things are going, his inauguration speech will also be his resignation speech, turning over the reins of government to the Vice President at that time.
Biden is just a front man, and actually, this election is between Trump, his supporters, most new party Republicans, and the Democrat party machine. Even a New York Times editorial writer wrote that she believed Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual harassment if not sexual assault, but would vote for Joe Biden regardless based on his record. The record is essentially that of the Democrat Party machine, so it’s the party vs. Trump.
Democrat voters could care less what happened in Ukraine, in fact it’s likely what they expected if not demanded.
The Democrats can depend on the “4th branch”, the press, meaning the media, to give them favorable coverage and the Republicans a black eye.
If Ukraine investigates and does find Biden at fault, the election will likely be over by then anyway, since these investigations drag on forever.
Ukraine likely won’t care except about the money, they want their money back.


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