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Russia Says West Not Taking Its Security Needs Seriously

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The current ‘invasion crisis’ in Ukraine is manufactured by the West and Ukraine as we have reported many times in the recent past. However, the underlying cause of this tension is the West’s insistence on moving NATO forces to the Russian border, after Moscow’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula and its support of separatist forces in Donbass.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the West gave assurances this would not happen. Now it is very likely this scenario will come to pass.

Russia has asked for security guarantees on this issue but have been rebuffed. The Kremlin lashed out in the press today over this reality.

The United States and NATO don’t seem to have taken Russia’s concerns on security guarantees into account when drawing up responses to Moscow’s proposals, nor did they demonstrate any willingness to do so, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“The numerous statements that our colleagues made yesterday make it clear that as for the major aspects of the draft agreements that we earlier presented to other parties, we can’t say that they took our concerns into account or showed any readiness to take our concerns into consideration,” he pointed out.

Peskov noted that the US and NATO had asked Russia not to make their responses public. “However, our colleagues spelled out the contents of those papers and in fact, maybe they really should not be [published] now,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

Lavrov stated that Russia will soon officially demand from Western countries an explanation of why they approach OSCE commitments so selectively, reported RT.

▪️ US has not answered the main question – about the non-expansion of NATO to the east; in the 90s, NATO promised not to expand its activities east of the river Odr

▪️ The OSCE Istanbul and Astana Declarations contain the commitment of any country not to strengthen its security at the expense of other states;

▪️ NATO does not mention these declarations, bypasses them and deliberately suppresses this principle.

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Marvin Epstein January 27, 2022 at 1:20 pm

The U.S. has completely stopped it’s own security. So if by “the West” Putin is referring to the U.S. . How can Putin expect “the West” to worry about Russias security envelope, when the U.S. has no security envelope?

PanamaPat February 9, 2022 at 10:55 am

NATO collapsed and became irrelevant the day the Obiden Regime abandoned Afghan and our NATO allies. Twenty grindinding, bloody warfare came to an end as dishonorably as imaginable. Who in their right mind will ever again trust the USA, especially a nation ruled over by a criminal syndicate who gained power through a massive electoral fraud. Germany has all but withdrawn from NATO and Macron is licking Putin’s boots. US hegemony in Europe and its 75 year occupation of Germany had come to an end. Putin does not have to wage war. He has won it all diplomatically and the obvious disintegration of the USA. The Germans have all but abandoned NATO and Macron has made sure that French interests will not be affected by the reintegration of Ukraine with Russia. Russia is the powerhouse of Europe. The future belongs to a European union with Russia as a major partner, if not the managing partner. This resolution will bring peace and prosperity to all, including the USA. Pax Russiaus will be declared and Putin will be known in history as Vladimir the Great. Europe and the Russians are moving towards peace. Let’s not allow the neo-Bolsheviks that run the USA get in the way.

Sez1 March 5, 2022 at 2:32 pm

Check the date of my post.

We had a great (and missed) opportunity to build a lasting relationship with Russia following the collapse of the wall and the Soviet Union status….truly believe we could have been partners.

After reviewing the article – looks like some folks reached out about their own security concerns before taking action….
….seems all intentional to me. Ignoring promises previously made, ignoring requests to recognize other country’s security….

All sad…truly think this was avoidable.


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