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Russia Begins Mass Vaccinations For Bubonic Plague On Mongolian Border

Russia Begins Mass Vaccinations For Bubonic Plague On Mongolian Border
The Black Death spread rapidly along the major European sea and land trade routes. Spread of bubonic plague in medieval Europe
Image by Andy85719/Vladimir Solovjev

As if the Chinese coronavirus is not enough to worry about, a region in the Russian Far East is now conducting mass vaccinations against bubonic plague. Officials suspect the disease is being transmitted by locals hunting and eating marmots, a herbivore and essentially a large squirrel.

The order was issued after Mongolia’s health ministry said Wednesday that bubonic plague killed a man in the country’s west. It was the latest in a handful of cases to emerge there and in neighboring China this year, reported The Moscow Times.

The leader of the Siberian region of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, said all residents of the region’s two border districts, Ovyursky and Mongun-Taiginsky, should be inoculated. The two districts are home to some 14,000 people.

“The disease is dangerous,” the regional leader said in a statement calling for everyone over the age of two to be vaccinated and for a permanent stock of the vaccine.

Mongolia is an Asian region between China and the Russian Federation. The European ‘Black Death’ was spread along the Silk Road in medieval times, in other words, trading routes from Asia to Europe.

Bubonic plague has also appeared in China this year.

Two people died of the bubonic plague in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region of China in August, as authorities issued a third-level alert in the region and quarantined groups of people who may have made contact with the patients, reported UPI.

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