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Russians Rage Over American General’s Comments On Destroying Kaliningrad’s Air Defenses

Russians Rage Over American General's Comments On Destroying Kaliningrad's Air Defenses
Range of Iskander ballistic and cruise missiles when deployed to Kaliningrad oblast, annexed Crimea and the Khmeimim airbase (Basel al-Assad international airport)
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Russia raged at comments by an American general that NATO could ‘crack’ the air defense network of the Russian Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad.

“The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, which lies between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea and is geographically separate from the rest of Russia, practically bristles with S-300 and S-400 air-defense missiles, Oniks anti-ship missiles and Iskander surface-to-surface missiles,”… adding that “US forces believe they know how to crack Kaliningrad,” according to Commander of US Air Forces in Europe General Jeff Harrigan, reported Russian state news agency TASS, quoting an article in The National Interest.

Russia’s Defense Ministry, in turn, said in a statement that Kaliningrad’s air defenses were capable of repelling air attacks from the United States, including those involving fifth generation fighter jets. The ministry pointed out that “all NATO pilots who happened to conduct flights near Russia’s airspace in the Baltic region are well aware” of the technological capacity of Kaliningrad’s air defenses, including the ability to detect and, if necessary, destroy air targets.

“We are not going to be engaged with invitations but we certainly have no fear. We host the Baltic Fleet’s main base. Given the morale and the technical prowess of the troops in Kaliningrad, I wouldn’t advise anyone to risk messing with our military,” declared Russian Regional Governor Anton Alikhanov.

“First, we consider them as threats. Second, we consider such statements to be totally irresponsible. And third, we can see how easily the political elites, particularly in the US, handle serious and very complicated matters such as global security and stability,” she said. “I would like to reiterate that they are acting in an irresponsible manner, based on short-term political interests, which, as far as we understand, involve electoral processes,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova added.

“I would just like to recommend that all US generals read some history books about those who plotted against the Russian state and the consequences they had to face. Because the Russian people know how to respond to every American general who has plans. I think history should have taught our partners and opponents a lesson long ago,” Alikhanov emphasized, added TASS.

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Wim September 21, 2019 at 10:02 pm

““I would just like to recommend that all US generals read some history books about those who plotted against the Russian state and the consequences they had to face.”

Right. All of them managed to invade Russia and beat their armies. But all of them made the same mistake by overestimating the size of the country. Don’t worry, that mistake will not be made anymore, because the technology solves it.
And who in his right mind want to invade Russia?

jakee308 September 22, 2019 at 2:14 pm

Hey, he made no threat of action. Just that they perceive they have it cracked. I would think they wouldn’t say that unless they had good reason.

One of those reasons may be just to do some psyche another maybe as they’ve sent in a drone or two or analyzed the transmission and believe there’s a path way but have not actually tried to penetrate for the reasons the Russian General stated.

william September 22, 2019 at 7:27 pm

A military’s PRIMARY duty is to protect the People and the Borders of the Nation.
“our” PENTAGRAM/M.I.C. is a treasonous snake-pit that does everything BUT.,


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